ProjeKind Children's Home, ProjeKind Nonprofit Supports Abused and Orphaned Children in Indonesia

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[Sundaytimes=Chris Lee Reporter]Carisha Pranyoto, currently a second year university student, is the founder of ProjeKind, a nonprofit that works with unfortunate children in Indonesia. 

“Many of the kids ProjeKind works with have been abused or orphaned. Children should never have to worry about their physical safety, their next meal, or being homeless." Therefore, ProjeKind has a program called Children's Home(Rumah Anak) in Surabaya to support, encourage education, and provide a family atmosphere for unfortunate kids.  

Carisha explained her inspiration for starting ProjeKind. On her 16th birthday, her parents gifted her a luxury-brand Chanel bag. For Carisha, the gift was truly amazing because she had wanted it for so long and more than anything else. 

However, when she held the expensive bag, she remembered the times she previously spent volunteering at orphanages and schools in Indonesia. She made many connections with unfortunate children in Surabaya, Manado, Labuan Bajo, Ende, and other Indonesian villages. She explained that although the bag brought her momentary excitement, the happiness from helping others was incomparable to the Chanel bag. She decided to sell the bag after her 16th birthday and used the money to start her new nonprofit in 2016, ProjeKind.  

A few months later, she launched ProjeKind Children’s Home (Rumah Anak ProjeKind) in Surabaya. "In the Children's Home, there are 2 adults, Julia and Noldi, who live there and act as caretakers for the kids. They share the same heart and vision as me for these kids and act as their parents." said Carisha. 

The kids who live there are either without parents or come from poor families from Surabaya, Blitar and Wamena. For example, there are three brothers living in the Children’s Home (Tegar 5, Nirvana 6, and Lucky 9 years old) whose mother had died from HIV. They were sent to live with their grandmother, but she was less than able to take care of them." said Carisha Pranyoto.   

Carisha explained that although these children come from difficult, undeserved circumstances, ProjeKind teaches them the value of honesty, hard work, and kindness. I hope they not only become successful professionally, but become kind and loving characters.

Learn more about ProjeKind at, @projekind on Instagram, or 

By: Natalia Sutrisno Tjahja

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